Nenad Nikolic


Product manager at XING, the biggest social networking site in German-speaking countries. In my free time, I'm still doing what I've been doing for over the last 10 years - a software engineer focusing on Java platform, Android and web 2.0 with a recent interest for Groovy and Grails. I enjoy fiddling with APIs that make web such a smart medium and web services that make our business tick. I've been working on soapUI, the award winning open-source web services testing tool which is also the most widely used one. By night, I'm geeking out with Android and Google APIs like OpenSocial. Outside IT, I enjoy discovering new music and listening to it as I code. Going to parties, dancing, and practicing sports (biking, diving, incl. basketball and skiing until my motorbike accident) is what makes me feel alive when I'm not sitting down. In a nutshell: I'm an ├╝bergeek for IT, music and sports. I can't help it.

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